Art of rolling marijuana

Art of rolling cannabis

History of rolling papers

The most common type of rolling papers?

How to Roll For The First Time?

If you wish to try marijuana for the first time or you’re just a beginner when it comes to toking, then you’re probably wondering how to roll a joint. Fear not, because, with this easy step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to roll a joint before you’ll even know it.

How to Roll a Backwood?

There are numerous ways how you can spice up your smoking sesh, from rolling different types of joints such as tulip joint to using a bong, dabs or rolling a backwood blunt. The latter seems to be quite challenging to many since backwood blunts are straight dried tobacco leaves (rather than processed tobacco pulp) which makes them more fragile. Therefore, we’ve decided to explain step by step how to roll a backwood blunt.

How to roll TULIP JOINT

How to roll CROSS JOINT

How to roll XXL joint

How to roll secret joint

Blunts or rolling papers

Most common rolling types

What to do if you got no papers or blunts?

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