Cannabis and sex

It has long been known that marijuana is considered to be an aphrodisiac, it has been used in history for relaxation, and has been used in Tantric rituals for over 2800 years in India. How and what to do to get the most out of a hit for fantastic sex?

First and foremost, it is important to be aware that the effects of marijuana are not 100% predictable and depend heavily on the first one, that is, the type we consume, secondly on the situation in which we are and, of course, on the person, you are with. So, if the partner you are with for the first time offers you smoke or two for relaxation, but otherwise you do not smoke and decide to help yourself a little, then do not do it. I think it is more about failure than success. Likewise, cannabis does not have nearly the same effects when we smoke, eat, or otherwise consume it. So the hit itself also varies depending on how it is used. However, the fact that marijuana contributes to a better sex life remains an indisputable fact.

First of all, every regular cannabis user is probably asked what to consume? Sativa or Indica? Sativa is known to have an “uplifting” effect, that is, to lift us to cause muscle contraction and expansion, which also improves performance in bed or wherever you do it. Some exaggerate Sativa as she keeps her head clear and is not as passive as Indica. Again others prefer to add a pinch of Indica to release them a bit. Some swear by a ratio of 70/30, ie 70% Sative and 30% Indica. I say, start with Sativa, smoke 70/30 in the meantime, and finish Indica Ind

In any case, do not overdo it, as you can fall asleep innocuously or be paranoid, in any case, nothing good for a partner. Several users have given an opinion on what sits best and for what effect. We diligently collected them and made certain conclusions.

To enhance the effect, choose the best Skunk # 1. Skunk # 1 of the Dutch Passion seed bank or Dinafem, in their Skunk # 1 is dominated by Sativa. Likewise, Royal Queen Seeds Power Flower is a powerful Sativa. For a relaxing effect, we advise Cheese of any seed bank, basically, from Green House, Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, Barneys Farm… All Cheese are considered Indica or Indica is very, very dominant. We do not recommend Cheese to the extent that you are engaging in slightly wilder and physically active sex. Chances are you will soon turn it into a gentle experience. It is certainly not necessary for someone to smoke grass to score. You can prepare your romantic half for a romantic dinner and season it with cannabis. Or prepare a dessert, cookie, cake… You can use a steamer that gives you a different “high” than smoking.

Now the latest sex and cannabis case; By the way, when we write about medical marijuana, we don’t mean synthetic THC, that’s what we are hoping to be clear. So, if we start the story of the creation of a lubricant, it is a product created with the intention of using marijuana as safely as possible. At the same time, the inventors set themselves the task of giving women the greatest possible impact while also healing therapy.

Otherwise it’s not a novelty, to be honest. California women living on so-called “hippie plantations” inject hashish resin directly into the vagina and swear by abnormally sensuous orgasmic orgasms. Huh!

However, like any drug, marijuana not only works to increase pleasure but can also help with such and other dysfunctions. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine uses it to treat impotence and increase libido. For these purposes, Satives are better suited, while Indica works well for nervousness (soothes us), anxiety and helps relieve pain.

And the conclusion? Check what you smoke, who you smoke with, and if the situation is right, set yourself on fire.

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