Edibles Dosage Calculator

Updated: December 5, 2021

The first step in making edibles is to infuse cannabis in either butter or oil. This all sounds great and simple, however, it can be a little bit tricky.

No doubt you've already heard about situations where edibles hit someone so hard that they fell into another universe. There are two possible reasons behind it - the person might have eaten too much or edibles were highly potent. There's also another scenario where you only feel lightheaded even though you've eaten enough. That's why it's crucial we use edibles dosage calculator before making cannabutter or cannabis oil to determine the right amount of cannabis that we're going to use.

Before making edibles we must ask ourselves how potent our cannabis is, how potent edibles do we wish to make and what's our tolerance level.

Potency of Cannabis

Determining the right ratio can be challenging since we (probably) don't know how potent our cannabis is. On average, buds have 10-20% of THC. So we can assume that our cannabis has at least 10%. If we know the strain, we can even make more accurate predictions based on the usual potency of this strain.

This, of course, doesn't apply to the ones that live in countries with legal cannabis utilization. Since they can easily purchase cannabis in a dispensary and ask the budtender about its potency. 

Desired Potency of Edibles and Math Behind It

After we determine the (approximate) potency of cannabis, it's time to decide how potent edibles do we want to make. If your tolerance is high, you'll logically want to make more potent edibles and vice versa.

Considering that one gram of cannabis weights 1000 mg and a strain has 10% of THC, we could safely say that one gram of cannabis has at least 100 mg of THC. Meaning, if you'd smoked one joint made of 1 g of bud, you would consume approximately 10 mg of THC. This is a recommended dose for light users or in other words, a dose that won't make you regret your decision later. If you're a new user 2,5 mg of THC will do just fine, while heavy users can consume 100 mg of THC or more.

Now here comes the math. We take the weight of cannabis and convert it into mg, then we determine the amount of THC per-serving by dividing it with the recipe yield. Let's say we have 6 g of cannabis with 10% THC, which equals 600 mg of THC. If we divide this with the recipe yield, for example, 60 cookies (the number of cookies we get with a classic recipe), we get 10 mg of THC per cookie. This is an appropriate amount for new and light users.

We can always moderate the potency by either choosing strains with lower/higher THC, using less/more cannabis or by dividing/doubling the number of ingredients in the recipe. Also, keep in mind that during the decarboxylation some of the THC gets removed so you might end up with edibles with little or zero effect if you don't use enough cannabis or if the amount of THC is too low.

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