What is curing and how to do it properly?

Updated: December 5, 2021

Do you have a problem when drying cannabis buds and they smell like hay or they don't have a smell at all? I know the buds are still smokable, but I also know you got to miss that skunky fruity smell that just makes you want to eat the bud. Don't worry lots of people have this kind of problem. I was also there. I felt miserable and I really did not show my buds with a group of friends.

Now I can say my buds smell a mile away, and everyone is asking what did I do to change it. The smoke is more enjoyable, the buds smell like fruit and I have no problem to flex around with them now.

So you probably asking how I got there. Firstly proud as I am I wanted to achieve these with my own research. So I started searching in google for websites and cannabis forums on what other people are doing about this problem. I started to came across the word curing.

So what exactly is curing?

The curing process is extremely important as it has a major impact on quality. It can make a good crop even better, and without curing, on the contrary, it can make the crop much worse. With this technique, we encourage certain natural processes to occur, thus achieving better aroma, effect and preventing that sharpness.

You know you dried cannabis buds outdoors when the outer part of the tips becomes dry to the touch, i.e., when the stem breaks (that is, about 10-18 days), the tops are separated from the branches. If you want to know how to dry your buds check out this ultimate guide.

So now the curing process begins. Firstly put cleaned buds in glasses without overfilling them. Then switch to 21 ° C and 58% to 65% humidity. Leaves the jars closed, of course, so that the moisture that goes inside the top goes to the outer layer. The purpose is to dry the tops slowly and thoroughly to preserve the optimum aroma and taste. The jars must be then opened daily (for about 30 min) until moisture passes from the jar (until the tips become dry to the touch). Repeat the process until the desired effect is achieved.

The benefits of drying hemp with curing technique

Curing is probably the most widespread and traditional cannabis drying technique for a reason. The curing technique enhances the aroma, effect and eliminates unwanted taste. So what exactly does curing process to your sticky icky buds:

  • Chlorophyll is removed to improve the taste,
  • Get rid of the smell of hay or. mowed grass,
  • We enhance the aroma and get a unique scent,
  • We reduce the sharpness (which usually coughs),
  • We reduce the possibility of mold

So I think the curing process makes or brakes your buds. It's simple as that. We must also be conscious not only about the high but also about the smell of the buds. Because with a good smell we are heightening differently our senses. It gives an addition to the overall smoking experience.

If you have any questions about the topic or you have your way of doing it, leave it below in the comments or start a thread on our forums.

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