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Category for articles that are going to talk about cannabis food. The recipes from hemp seeds, CBD oil or cannabis butter. The recommendations for best stoner-friendly restaurants around the world.

How To Make Cannabutter

Cannabutter is basically a butter infused with weed. In order to make it, we must first extract THC from the cannabis and infuse it in butter’s fat. Sound like real science, right? Even if it […]

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How to Make Magical Hemp Cookies

Hello, fellow stoners. Looking another way to get high or you just want something sweet and magical? Well, these hemp cookies will rock your world! From stoner for stoners. Ingredients: 420 g All-purpose flour 1 […]

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Healthy Munchies: Nutritious Snacks When Munchies Kick In

You just got home from work, exhausted and stressed out. You want to relax, so you smoke a joint to take the stress away and you check High Thoughts social feed for funny content and additional […]

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420 Date for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

Since Valentine’s day is coming soon, I bet couples all around the world wonder what they are going to do for that special day. Even more, where can a stoner couple go on 420 date? […]

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