High Entertainment

Tell me, my friend, what do you like to do for entertainment? If you want to laugh, you came to the right place. Below you are presented with your options. Which one would it be?  

Owl or seagull? High.

one time i was at my friends apartment, we were 6 guys and we kinda smoked alot that night, i passed put on the couch and woke up at around 5am, I went up to go to the toilet and noticed that i was alone in the apartment, i go in the kitchen and see that the frigde is open and there is a loaf of bread just sitting there on the table, then i walk into the living room and there is more bread and a trail of butter smeared on the floor leading to the balcony

i walk out and theres even more bread and a big butter stick on the floor, i wonder what the fuck happend here so i call my friend and asked why theres bread and butter everywhere, Apparntly the 5 guys were trying to make toast and forgot how to, So they left to get pizza and left me alone. That was probably the weirdest and funniest thing that has happend to me while high.


Two strangers walked into my house

Alright so right now it’s New Year’s Eve, and my best friend and I decided to eats some edibles. So we are sitting on the couch watching tv while waiting for it to kick in. 

It’s been about 30 or 40 minutes and I’m like shit I’m feeling sum, I lean over and tell my friend. And as that happens two 40-year old men walk in. My dogs are going crazy, and I’m sitting in the recliner, high as fuck. The two men stare at me and I stare back. My friend is sitting behind me just watching. I calmly asked “uh who are you??” 

Because I’m way too high and I can’t concept the fact that two strange grown ass men are standing in my front room. The 2nd guy is starts laughing and whispers “I think we are at the wrong house.” And the 1st guy says “is this Christopher’s house?” And I say no, and I kid you fucking not they just walk backwards out my front door. All that my friend and I could do was laugh.

High or disabled?

One time when I was high, I had to take a train home after visiting my then-boyfriend for a week. We both got stoned beforehand, and he made a point to get me really really high so the train ride wouldn’t be so brutal and mundane. I ended up being so stoned that I just stared at the train when it stopped at the station, almost missing it until he shoved me through the gate and yelled “GET ON THE TRAIN” repeatedly. 

I staggered onto the train and plopped myself down on the nearest seat, too stoned to move. The attendants began moving through the aisle to check tickets, and I had no idea why they were being so kind and attentive to me as I tried to comprehend their requests to scan my ticket. A few hours later, when I was finally able to get my mind out of space, I realized I had been sitting in the disabled carriage the whole time.

First time being high

I had smoked once before but not got high, so this was my first ever time being high. I was with my friend who smokes a lot more than me, so the amount he told me wouldn’t get me too high sent me into the next dimension. 

From what I remember, I ended up sitting in the tub letting cold water run on my feet (fully clothed still), and according to my friend murmured something about oatmeal for a while. Once I got up, I realized I couldn’t remember things I had said moments before, which really fucked with my head. I vaguely remember pacing around and freaking out, screaming things like “What the FUCK did I just say?!” For like half an hour. Then I passed out for the next 9 hours

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