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    In my growing experience I had to deal with various problems like pests, weeds and most damaging-disease. So This is I got rid o these problems.

    Most of the pest I stumped on was fleas and lice. They eat into the plant, sucking on juices of the plant and making leaves to curl. With help of the caterpillars we lose a lot leaves and nutrients plants need which leads to bad yield. i got rid of them with chemical deterrents.
    At the beginning of our season birds can be a problem also, as they dig up seeds if we put them directly into the soil.

    I’ve grown my weed outside and I never had problems with weeds because of the screen of green weeds didn’t get enough light to thrive. Grow outside and you will be okay.

    Appears on the leaves, especially during drought years. The signs of the infection are round, dark-grayish spots, which are streaked with tiny black dots. They can get through leaf to leaf contact or between leaf veins. But diseases came with the seed and not with the wind so I recomend buying tested and clean seed

    Hope it helped

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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