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    Here is a little guide for you to know if your plants are experiencing any of these.

    Boron deficiency

    Its a rare deficiency, but they are sign of under watering or plants being in a too dry environment. There are brown patches, with new growth being thick and abnormal.

    Copper deficiency

    Leaf symptoms are dark leaves with blue or purple undertones. Tips and edges of the leaves turn yellow.

    Calcium deficiency

    Like in our bone calcium in plants takes care of form and stability of the plant, so this is one of more important ones. Calcium deficiency shows itself with brown spots on leaves.

    Iron deficiency

    New leaves are yellow and old ones turn yellow from inside out.

    Magnesium deficiency

    Older Leaves get lower and turn yellow between the veins.

    Zinc deficiency

    Top leaves turn yellow and start dying.

    Sulfur deficiency

    Its rare deficiency where new leaves turn yellow and it’s very similar to nitrogen deficiency

    Potassium deficiency

    depends on the plant but the symptoms are seen in older leaves look like burnt on the edges but not always, leaves on the top also. Burnt edges are have yelow spots with them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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