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We are gathering talented breeders, which will be in the future part of our seeds growers collective!

We are looking for all talented biologists and hobby breeders, which will help us produce top strains for growing all over the globe at any climate. We are looking for outdoor and indoor strains.

cannabis growers club

We are accepting applications or our Seeds Growing Collective team. You have to crossbreed at least few strain in the past and of course, stabilize it (at least F5) to preselected characteristics. You have to have a proof and online/offline diary of your breeding process. After we accept your initial application, we would require a few test seeds from you of selected strain you bred, so our professionals can measure its germination percentage, growing vigor, the stability of preselected characteristics, terpenes and trichomes production.

Keep in mind: We are not provoking or advocating mass production of cannabis or any other illegal activity. We are simply assembling team, which will be legally paid through our company for their product (seeds) and services. It’s up to the applicant, to check growing laws of cannabis in their country or state.

You can contact us for more information at our contact page.

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