How to Roll a Backwood

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There are numerous ways how you can spice up your smoking sesh, from rolling different types of joints such as tulip joint to using a bong, dabs or rolling a backwood blunt. The latter seems to be quite challenging to many since backwood blunts are straight dried tobacco leaves (rather than processed tobacco pulp) which makes them more fragile. Therefore, we’ve decided to explain step by step how to roll a backwood blunt.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start, you must assemble all the needed equipment. What you’ll need is cannabis, grinder, blackwood blunt, and a filter tip.

Using a filter is optional, however, if this is your first time rolling backwood blunt, using a filter may make your job a little bit easier. Also, using a grinder is optional. Some even discourage using it since presumably grinding cannabis by hands makes the smoke smoother. Nevertheless, the grinder will do the work of grinding way faster than your hands and you’ll avoid chances of rolling up and smoking big pieces. So, I’ll definitely advise using it.

Step 2: Prepare The Backwood Blunt

Now open a pack of backwoods and take the cigar out. Moisten it by licking your fingers and sliding them on the cigar. This will cause the natural tobacco leaf to peal from itself. When you see it starting to unseal, gently (like really gently) unroll the leaf. If you don’t do it with precaution it may crack or start to rip, which isn’t a good start and it will make the rolling process harder. Once you’ll unroll the leaf, you’ll see tobacco inside. Get rid of it. You don’t need that.

If you see that leaf has any stems, just pick something round and push it down. This will flatten the stem and make it easier to roll.


Now if you didn’t moisten the leaf before, now it’s necessary. Again, to reduce the chances of it starting to rip. Lick your fingers and moisten the entire leaf evenly on both sides (inner and outer). Because tobacco leaves aren’t in perfect shape, what you may also do in this step is to fold the leaf in half so you see where’s an excessive part that you can rip off.

Step 3: Fill And Roll It

Now it’s time to grind your weed. Usually, you can fit 1.5 – 2 grams of weed in backwood blunt, but the amount can vary since tobacco leaves come in different shapes and sizes. Put tobacco leaf on the surface like a table and layout cannabis on it in a line.

Now all that’s left to do is to actually roll it. This is quite similar to rolling a joint. Use your index (or middle) fingers and thumb to guide the weed into a nice shape while carefully pressing it down. You really need to be careful since the leaf can easily rip. What’s also crucial is that you apply the right amount of pressure, so it becomes tight. This can be quite tricky, but with some practice, you’ll be a master at it in no time.

After you’ve rolled it, all you need to do is to lick it so it seals onto itself. Be generous with your saliva to ensure it seals good. At this moment your backwood blunt should be really wet, so you’ll have to let it dry for a moment. Once dry, it’s time to light it up.


Hopefully, this step by step tutorial gave you a clear insight into how to roll a backwood. Happy toking!

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