How to Roll a Joint: Rolling For The First Time

Woman holding a rolling paper filled with cannabis. Grinder can be seen in the background

If you wish to try marijuana for the first time or you’re just a beginner when it comes to toking, then you’re probably wondering how to roll a joint. Fear not, because, with this easy step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to roll a joint before you’ll even know it.

Step 1: Check For Necessities

Most basic things you’ll require to roll a joint are weed and rolling papers. For most people also filter and tobacco are something that they use with every reefer, but they’re not absolutely necessary. In this tutorial, we’ll also add those two components. We’ll use a filter because it’s easier to roll with it. And assuming that you’re a beginner at smoking weed, adding tobacco will reduce the chances that you’ll get too high and that you will cough because of the smoke.

Forgetting something are we?

Do not worry fellow smoker, we got you covered.

Step 2: Prepare Everything

In this step, we’re going to grind weed, prepare a rolling mixture and prepare filter.

Grinding weed isn’t a big science. Just grind the amount of weed you wish to smoke by hand, using scissors or with a grinder. The latter is also the most effective way since the bud will grind evenly and quickly.

When you finish grinding, don’t forget to remove woody parts, seeds or anything similar, then add tobacco and mix everything a little bit. The appropriate ratio would be around 1:4 (tobacco : cannabis).

Also, prepare filter as seen on the picture below.

Demonstration how to make joint filter out of paper





Step 3: Make The Joint

Now it’s time you place rolling paper in your hand. Place it in a way that the glue will be on top and facing towards you. Then put rolling mixture you’ve prepared in the previous step on the rolling paper. Try to distribute it as evenly as possible, but leave some space for a filter on either left or right side. Choose what feels more natural and add the filter.

Leave one hand in one place, holding the paper. Use the other hand to shape joint by moving the mixture across the paper. Do this until the mixture is evenly distributed and the joint is shaped nicely. This is extremely important. If your joint has a weird shape now, it will only get worse once you’ll try to roll it. So do your best!

Now comes “the hard” part. Or at least something you’ll need more practice with before you’ll master it. Basically, what you need to do is to tuck the lower (unglued) side into the roll. Once you’ve tucked it in, lick the glued side and roll the paper all around.  Then move your fingers up the joint to ensure that the glue was glued everywhere.

Lastly, hit the joint with the filter side on the table or any other hard surface. This will distribute the mixture evenly. Also, use (e.g.) a pen to pack the cannabis down through the top of the joint. Close the joint and voila, you’ve rolled your first joint!

Hopefully, this tutorial gave you a clear insight into how to roll a joint. Happy toking! 

Once you get used to rolling joints, you may want to try out rolling a backwood blunt.

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