What is the perfect pH for cannabis and how to adjust it

Small shovel in soil with perfect pH for cannabis
When it comes to growing (anything), the pH of soil plays an important role. So, we’re going to explain to you what’s the perfect pH for cannabis and how to fix any soil to have that perfect pH value.

Perfect pH value for cannabis

pH values go from 1 to 11, where 1 is the most acidic and 11 the most alkaline. Cannabis plant prefers middle pH values or also known as standard values that vary from 5.5 to 6.5. Otherwise, if pH value is too high (usually more than 7.5), roots become unable to consume needed substances such as zinc, iron, copper, etc. But when pH value is too low (usually below 5), the roots can no longer access calcium, magnesium, phosphoric acid, etc. And even though the cannabis plant is a very durable plant that tries hard to stay alive, both cases are usually devastating for her.

Soil with perfect pH for cannabis

Woodland soil is considered to have the perfect pH for cannabis but some praise the effects of sandy loam soil as well. That is because sand is good for drainage and loamy soil for nutrients and holding in the needed water. For whatever soil you decide, just stay away from planting your cannabis plant in entirely sandy soil since it tends to be more acidic and entirely clay soil since it is alkaline.

Fix pH value of any soil

If you don’t have access to the perfect soil, you can always fix whatever you find. Firstly, you need to measure what’s the exact pH value. This way you’ll know for sure whether you’re dealing with acidic or alkaline soil. When doing the low pH substrate correction, you can use flowable lime, hydrated lime or potassium bicarbonate. However, keep in mind that the latter should be handled with extreme caution. And for the soil with high substrate pH correction, you can use acid-based fertilizer, acid water drench or iron drench. Also, keep in mind that water is a big factor that can affect your pH. Namely, every water, let it be city, pond or river water, each one has a different pH.   Do you also want to find out when it is the perfect time to plant your cannabis plant outside?

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