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Because the world laws are still not as liberal as we would like, it is hard for the cannabis brand to succeed without its supporters. You would think internet is more liberal and promoting cannabis business would be no problem. But it’s  not. We keep our head high, with support from our community. So special thanks to everyone that did anything to bring us closer to our goals!

High Thoughts Supporters

Our supporters. Our friends.

NameCountrySocial handleVIP
Thiago LuizGreece@o.gerawsYes
Nejc RodošekSlovenia@nejc.rodosekYes
Jon Snow Ethiopia@albetel.samuel.75No
Antonij BožičkoSlovenia@irie.dread.headYes
Tay HalpzAustralia@tayhalpzNo

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    Contact us if you wish to help us and become our inner circle with extra benefits. Everyone is welcome. If you join our club, you became our family. And we treat family right. If you would like to present yourself to stoner community, we can think of some collabo. We are open to ideas and willing to help every individual other. You are not alone out there! #stonernation

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    The best curator of cannabis related content and culture around it. High Thoughts is self funded and independently run by a small group of cannabis enthusiasts. If you would like to help, contact us. We would love to collaborate with awesome people. If you would like to fund our future projects, use button below. Thank you!

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