Top 7 Stoner Activities

Woman sitting next to the water after smoking a joint

How many times did it happen to you, that you smoked one, and ended up being clueless on what to do next? To help you with that, High Thoughts team created a list of stoner activities, you can do while being high.

1. Listen to Music

Regardless of which music genre do you prefer, listening to your favorite tune while being high, will definitely improve your experience. If you’re into rock – check out this stoner rock bands.

2. Watch Movies or Series

Watching a movie or series is certainly one of the most popular stoner activities. If you’re high enough, even dull movies become interesting. Therefore, choosing an appropriate one won’t be difficult. Check out these 10 stoner movies.

3. Play Games

On the High Thoughts list of stoner activities is also playing games. This is of course even better, if you have a company that’s high as you are and a multiplayer game. If you don’t know what to play, you can try out top 5 stoner games.

4. Check out High Thoughts and Weed Memes

If you’re high or not, checking out our high thoughts and weed memes is always a good decision. There’s no other activity that guarantees fun as much as this one.

5. Do House Chores

There’s no doubt you have already heard someone saying that doing housework is way better while high. Well, that’s because it’s true! So, smoke one and go to work!

6. Cook or Bake

If you’re into cooking or baking, try to do it while being stoned. A chance that you’ll do your dish better is extremely high since you’ll get many new ideas on how to combine the ingredients. Just try not to eat everything during the process.

7. Have a Meditation Session

Meditation is an excellent activity, no matter the state of mind. But being stoned while doing it, will bring your experience to a higher level. Be prepared for a possible enlightenment after finishing your stoned meditation session. Although, there’s also a chance you’ll fall asleep while doing it.


What are your favorite stoner activities? Leave a comment below!

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