What equipment do I need to start with indoor growing?

Updated: December 5, 2021

So here you are my young padawan. I see you wanna grow some indoor Mary Jane? Don't be afraid it's not as hard as it seems that's why I'm here to calm down your nerves. Before you start your indoor grow you must prepare some things first. Let me show you what you need.

Tent or a dark room

First off all we need our space where our plants will grow. Depending on the size of the grow you choose the size of the tent. While room in itself is just okay, it is better to have your plants in a tent while you have a lot more control over the light and the smells. Tent is an also better choice for begginers as they can buy full kits with basic equipment such as light, vents, timers and timers already with the tent. Setting up such a system is not hard at all even if you are building it yourself. My tip for tents and rooms is keep it clean and don't be messy becouse you dont have to be. You will appreciate it and your plants will appriciate it even more. 

Grow lights

This is our sun for the plants. Many types of lights like LED, HPS, DE and CMH work perfectly, but there is no "best" light for the plants. Choose a grow light on factors such as your growing goals and dimensions of your growing space. Also be careful around your budget with the lights as you dont have to and dont need to buy the biggest and priciest as many "low end" normal lights work like a charm also.

Carbon filter and extraction fan

Extraction fan is a piece of equipment that keeps your tent cool as it extracts heat and it responsible for keeping air fresh as the plants use CO2 as fuel. 

Hooked up beside extraction fan sits carbon filter. This filter traps all the smells as you grow and you can sleep safe you are the only one who smells your weed in your tent. Outside of that air is fresh and oudorless. Extration fans dont differ so much from one another, but you must buy a proper carbon fillter and here you should stick to reputable brands as the quality is guaranteed.

Circulation fans

These are mounted little above the leaves so a breeze of air is gently rocking them foward and backward. Its great to have a fan where you can adjust the speed. This breeze keeps your plants strong and firm, getting it ready for the big buds that will grow on it.


Ductings are pipes for our ventilation system with the use of carbon filter and extraction fan. If yoour grow operation is small you can stick to 6 inch one, preferably insulated as it stops the heat from leaking back to your growing area. For the bigger grows I recommend the same but of larger diameter. You can buy solid or flexible ones. You should choose it depending on your grow operation.

Beds and pots for the plants

This depends on what kind of grow type you choose and how many plants will grow in your tent. I suggest less plants, bigger pots and the result will be shown when harvesting bigger yields as the less plants can get so much bigger in size than many plants in the same space.

Grow mediums

These are earth(soil), water and air. Growing in natural organic living soil inside is a wonderful idea for your plants as they get the most benefits from the right growing medium. Growing soil you can buy in your supermarket works great too. Growing medium and all the chemicals and growboosters you add to the plant, will later show or should I say taste in the bud when smoking. So choice is yours.


Water keeps your plant happy and thirst free as it will provide the base and blood of the plant. Best water for indoor grow is filterded watter. If you live in a big city chances are the water is contaminated with chlorine, chloramine, fluoruide. Best option in that case is to go buy some ordinary water in the store in bulk for couple of dollars and you are set.

In the end I would like to add that love and patience are key to successfully grow amazing, out of this world cannabis in the luxury of your house.  

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