Who is High Thoughts Seeds?

High Thoughts Seeds is a grow collective, located all around the world. We are proud to work with the original strains and landraces all over the climate to bring you the best possible phenotypes with high terpenes profile. 

Why are most of the seeds unavailable?

Because we are boutique strain hunter collective, we put a lot more effort in pursuing new genetics and playing around with strain crossing and phenotypes searching that we  do on scaling business.  But we like to think, it is more important to have smaller circle of insiders with the same values, than having mass adoption, just to loose this spark we have along the way of getting there.

Can i pay only in crypto?

We are only accepting crypto payments, because it has been a long while, that we believed in our non-transparent financial system and currencies that are bound to fail over time. Power to the people!

Is shipping safe, unmarked and untraceable?

Because our center of business is you - the customer, we like to ship all the packages in the safe, unmarked and untraceable packages. You don't need your pesky neighbours or anyone else knows your business.

Can i order seeds in bulk? 

Please contact us if you would like to order seeds in bulk. In bulk means 50 seeds or more.

What are terpenese?

Terpenes are aromatic chemicals present in many plants, but they are most usually associated with cannabis because to the large amounts found in cannabis plants. Many plants, including cannabis, pine, and lavender, as well as fresh orange peel, have aromatic chemicals that give them their distinct perfume.

What are High Thoughts Seeds breeding preferences?

Our breeding preferences are trichome coated strains with great terpene profile. We prefer phenotypes that smell like a candy and is beautiful enough, so you can just put it in the jar on the desk and enjoy its presence.

Contact us

If you need anything else, that you don't find on the website or the forums, you can contact us using contact form.