When do I get my green thumb in cannabis growing?

Updated: December 5, 2021

I know it is hard when you are starting with growing cannabis outdoors. Maybe you have desire to plant in your backyard or maybe you are going full guerilla (because of the laws, or just the thrills idk). And you don't know what to do. You feel helpless and blue. You just want to get your green thumb in growing cannabis.

I know how its like, I was there. And everyone that has started with cannabis growing was there also. So don't worry, in no time you will have it in you. You will become an old fart in cannabis growing with the greenest of the green thumbs. You will feel empowered so much that you will start to teach young enthusiastic peeps (of course over the age limit). It will be just like you dreamed!

And you are probably questioning now, what did I and everyone else do. Well, first of all, I have to say you need time, energy and of course the love for growing cannabis plants. When you have these foundations the rest is easy. The most important tip I can give you is STUDY & EXPERIMENT.

For the ones that come here to read about the actual process of getting green thumb, you can check our ultimate cannabis grow guide here. The grow guide was written by a couple of friends with over 20 years of experience. So we experiment and study our whole lives. If you think we did not write about any of the important things, please feel free to open a topic on our cannabis forums.

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