Stress kills, cannabis calms

Updated: October 2, 2019

Overwork, financial problems, instability in a partnership, illness and all your little fears that cause you a state of being "shaken" when someone just mentions it - STRESS!

Stress is a natural defense of the body against danger as it is flooded with the hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine, leading to faster breathing, increased heart rate, tense muscles, sweating and alertness. But all this for one purpose only - to activate the "fight or flight" mechanism, or to activate your ability to respond to a dangerous and challenging situation. Short-term stress can be helpful as it prepares you to face, fight, or escape as quickly as possible, but if this mechanism is triggered too often or when too much stress is at one time, it can become harmful and lead to health problems.

How stress damages your body?

To begin with, it will first “invade” and weaken your immune system, and you won't be so immune to bacterial and viral illnesses. And this is just an intro. Stress will continue on its way to the stomach, slowing down the digestive system and worsening the symptoms of diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome and more …

Take care of your heart

Painful periods, erection problems, lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders - one of the main culprits is stress again. And then we get to the most sensitive point, heart. Stress to the heart is not a little lenient, at most the opposite is true. It raises hearts blood pressure, causes arrhythmia, blood clots, atherosclerosis, and a heart attack that can also end in heart failure. That's right, stress kills! These are only physical consequences, and there is a long list of psychological and emotional ones. Irritability, general dissatisfaction, memory problems, concentration, fatigue, restlessness and sadness that can also lead to depression.

Every fourth person is stressed

Stress is caused by the so-called "stressors", which are quite a few. We are facing the pressures at almost every step of the way. Which are the most common ones you can see in the American Institute of Stress research at this link, where the numbers are not the most promising. 77% of people are experiencing the physical effects of stress on a daily basis, and 73% are experiencing psychological ones. So, if you are not stressed, there is certainly at least one of your co-workers, friends or neighbors. Despite the fact that the survey is American, the figures are worrying for all huma beings.

Under stress even in positive situations

If you think stress is only caused by negative situations, you are wrong. Marriage, childbirth, moving, moving into work… every situation that brings about major changes, new responsibilities and is a journey into the unknown, requires you to adjust. Your body is on alert and tells you to respond to it as soon as possible. How? Severe stress is divided into acute (short-term, intermittent) and chronic (long-term), and the solution to both lies in a lifestyle change. Think about how you can make yours easier every day. What makes you happy? What brings a smile to your mouth? What releases you? Make the most of it in your daily life, but if you still feel powerless, then cannabis also offers the solution.

CBD soothes hyperactive nerve endings

Studies have shown the efficacy of CBD as an anxiolytic compound, which means it can relieve a host of symptoms that are characteristic of stress, depression and anxiety. Because cannabis has a major impact on the limbic system, it will make it easier for you to cope with the mental challenges. The limbic system is responsible for certain vegetative functions, emotional reactions, learning and memory, as well as for the secretion of endorphins. It can be said that this part of the brain is responsible for anxiety, stress and emotions. Various studies have shown that CBD could have good results in the treatment of anxiety by acting on the body to calm hyperactive nerve endings (neurons) in the brain and redirect blood flow to that part of the brain. This alleviates anxiety and gives you a soothing feeling.

So, take care of your stress with different relaxation techniques that will calm your restless mind. If you worry too much, just take a hit or two of your finest greens, take a trip to nature, enjoy some good music. And just... relax.

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