When does the cannabis plant start to produce buds?

Updated: December 5, 2021

Did you ask yourself when does the cannabis plants start to produce buds? Or what is the thing that turns this feature on cannabis? These thoughts are on my mind when I am high. These among many other high thoughts I got. So let's dive deep into the theory behind why plant starts producing buds and what that means for the whole plant life cycle.

Why do cannabis plants starts to flower?

Because cannabis is a natural outdoor plant all over the world it's logical that it would start to flower sometime in its lifecycle to produce seeds and to prevent extinction. So when is this triggered? And how is it manipulated indoors when we have the same environment throughout the year. The answer is with the light cycle. When most of the cannabis strains have 12 hours or less of the light, they start to produce little white hairs (if they are female) or green balls (yeah you guessed it - if they are male).

Hairs or balls?

So when you will see white hairs on the cannabis plant know, that is good and cannabis will start to produced smelly buds that we can smoke after the end of the season. If you see balls on the cannabis plant, hanging from colas and making the big ball castle you should just put it out of the misery. And of course, removed it from growing spot so the balls don't pollinate the other bitches (females).

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