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    Whats up HT! I've stumbled across this forum before, now today i decided to make a account to ask you guy some questions I have.
    First off i live in Canada. So no concerne for the law so much. So first of all I need knowledge. My question is how do I go about being a master grower? Do I need a certification and schooling? I wanna supply the dispensaries. Now I don't know a whole a lot about this industry so any help would be appreciated on how it all works...My plan is to get that certification so I can get a jump start so that when I get my knowledge I'm already to go! 😀 Not to mention I have a perfect piece of land with a 4 acres, and with a 12 acre flat fields. With a enclosed clean warehouse. I was looking into greenhouses and indoor growing too.

    What do you think? 😀

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