What is the best soil for planting cannabis seedlings?

What is the best soil for planting cannabis seedlings?

When I started growing my first plants I stumbled upon a problem pretty fast. Germinating the seeds was going okay, but after planting, sprouts in a shitty soil resulted in shitty results, as my sprouts died or dried up. I was furious not seeing even one little seedling and I did not have the slightest clue what I was doing wrong. Also, I did not have a clue about what could be the best soil for them.

Well after a few hard failures I decided to search on the matter and educate myself a little bit. And with a little time invested in informing myself, I quickly saw big changes. And what a change that was. My sprouts were healthy and grown into strong cannabis seedlings like they were supposed to. All stress fell away as my plants grew alongside my happiness

The problem with my soil was that it sure was not the best as it didn’t let the water go through. So sprouts were basically swimming in water. I decided to go to the local store and buy 5l of basic garden soil. I think the brand does not matter. What matters is that the soil contains perlite. That will be the best soil and it is important for the soil to be airy so the water can leak through the pot and not stay in the pot for cannabis seedlings to die from overwatering.

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