420 Events in Europe

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More and more people appreciate the power of the cannabis. Therefore, we can see an increased number of 420 events, that have in general some things in common – they all put this wonderful plant in the center of attention, show the benefits of it to the masses and fight for its free utilization. In order to facilitate your search for the nearest cannabis fair, High Thoughts team prepared a list of 420 events in Europe.

International Cannabis Expo

On the International Cannabis Expo, you get insights into all the products and the innovations that exist in the cannabis sector worldwide. In addition, all the latest achievements as far as the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial use of cannabis, are presented and discussed.

  • Athens, Greece
  • January


Canapa Mundi

Canapa Mundi is the international cannabis fair, which has been bringing in Rome hemp fragrance and taste since 2015. It is a meeting point for producers, consumers, growers, distributors, retailers, no-profit organizations, new and old customers from all over the world. They offer stands, workshops, conferences, video-shows, exhibitions, and workshops.

  • Rome, Italy
  • February


Cannabis Village

The Cannabis Village fair gives the cannabis industry in Switzerland the opportunity to educate their exhibitors about the cannabis plant, to provide visitors with the latest information on cannabis and to win new customers. Anyone interested in the hemp plant and its cultivation will receive valuable information there.

  • Lausanne, Switzerland
  • March


Spannabis Barcelona

Spannabis is a three-day annual event and a platform where lots of items are showcased and discussed. Such as plants, horticulture, floriculture, cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. This is one of the many 420 events that provides a priceless educational experience and an opportunity to network with leading minds in the field.

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • March



The Swiss international cannabis fair Cannatrade is held every two years. It is the oldest hemp fair in Europe since the history of CannaTrade started 2001, as a result of the Swiss Hemp Days in 1999 and 2000. Firstly it took place in Basel, but since 2012, it is held in Zurich.

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • April


4.20 Hemp Fest

4.20 Hemp Fest was born with the aim of giving awareness of the Cannabis topic to every citizen. It has a rich program full of music, art, culture, hemp food, talks and debates on the diverse themes – from the therapeutic use of the plant to the development of industrial hemp in Italy.

  • Milano, Italy
  • April


The Vienna Hemp Festival

As part of the Hanfwandertag, the Vienna Hemp Festival is held in Vienna. During that time, the street party offers 2 days opportunity to visit the numerous exhibitors and to experience the versatile uses of hemp life. In addition, many great hemp products are presented and hemp can be tested and tasted.

  • Vienna, Austria
  • May



Expocáñamo brings to Seville the cannabis fair, with expert presentations about all industrial hemp derivatives and sectors. They also provide insights into processing, research & development, farming equipment and other technology.

  • Sevilla, Spain
  • May


Balkannabis Expo

Balkannabis Expo is an international trade show of hemp and medical cannabis businesses, organizations, and applications. It includes a large exhibition area and international trade show, international conferences, workshops, networking spaces, masterclasses, market area, music and other artistic performances.

  • Athens, Greece
  • June


Mary Jane Berlin

Mary Jane Berlin is an extensive exhibition, entertainment and cultural program with more than 200 national and international exhibitors, lectures, conferences, food stalls and live concerts. It offers the possibility to experience the latest developments and products around the green power plant and acquire products at special exhibition prices.

  • Berlin, Germany
  • June


Cannabis Liberation Day

One of the must go 420 events is Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam. In addition to the stage program with artists, speakers and DJs from home and abroad there is a big hemp market, debates, workshops, “vape lounge,” food and drinks areas. High Thoughts team will definitely be there!

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • June



Another on the list of 420 events is the Hanfparade – the traditional and german-wide pro-cannabis march in Germany. Every year in August they gather for the legalization of cannabis as a resource, medicine, and recreational drug.

  • Berlin, Germany
  • August



Cannabizz Warsaw is cannabis fair, where exhibitors from all over Europe present their latest developments and trends in the hemp market. A wide variety of different products on the topics growing, indoor gardening, seeds for collectors, lightning, paraphernalia, medicine, and cosmetics are shown.

  • Warsaw, Poland
  • September


Spannabis Madrid

Spannabis is a three-day annual event and a platform where lots of items are showcased and discussed. Such as plants, horticulture, floriculture, cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. It’s an annual trade show. This 420 event provides a priceless educational experience and an opportunity to network with leading minds in the field.

  • Madrid, Spain
  • October


Canapa in Mostra

Canapa in Mostra is an international exhibit of industrial and medical hemp. Their purpose is to let people and institutions know about the potentialities of the hemp, and to restore the old tradition that links their country to the hemp.

  • Napoli, Italy
  • October



Cultiva is the Austrian cannabis fair, where everything revolves around the beneficial and medicinal plant that has many exciting facets. They held a wide variety of exhibitors with stands, workshops, live shows, innovations and product presentations, promotions and much more.

  • Vienna, Austria
  • October



Visitors of Cannafest can see exclusive exhibitions including cultivation technology, fertilizers, seeds, smoking accessories, vaporizers both on display and on sale. Furthermore, there you can purchase various hemp cosmetic products and clothing or have some delicious hemp snacks.

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • November


Don’t forget to visit one of the 420 events near you and/or to join High Thoughts team in Amsterdam on Cannabis Liberation Day!

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