Top 5 Stoner Games

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Consolidate your love for cannabis and gaming, and play High Thoughts top 5 online stoner games! Roll yourself one and give this stoner games a chance for some fun times.

1. 420 Blaze It

420 Blaze It is a shoot them up style diversion for weed heads who need to overcome the Illuminati. In addition, it’s extremely trippy with a bunch of pixel illustrations flying up and cracking you out when you wouldn’t dare to hope anymore. For wellbeing, you expend Doritos and Mountain Dew. Heaps of blasts, automatic rifles and name advance in here.


Have you ever longed for running your own particular weed garden, shop or bread shop? Presently you can do it essentially with the recreation diversions Weed Garden, Weed Shop, and Weed Bakery. Manufacture your weed cultivate, develop your plants and pitch a large number of various strains to cool virtual clients.

3. Run Criki

On our list of top stoner games is also the general population from Green House Seed Co. Run Criki is about a stoner cricket who leaves his home in the Netherlands to go to Uruguay! Criki bounces around like Mario experiencing brownies, weed, hashish in addition to other things as obstructions.


Here you can play a cluster of “streak” style weed recreations. In Stoned Mario, you need to rescue the Princess who’s been captured. While, in Crop Defender, you need to water your harvest, safeguard it from deer and furthermore crush growth all just under the wire to ensure you make a benefit.

5. LSD Dream Emulator

This amusement has LSD in the name, yet it should be on the rundown notwithstanding all that. LSD Dream Emulator is a Japanese diversion roused by a fantasy diary composed by Hiroko Nishikawa. It was accessible on the Play Station One just in Japan back in the 1990s. Presently you can download it to your PC. There is no goal to this diversion by any stretch of the imagination. You can transport to various virtual situations by touching characters and things in the diversion.


Have you got any popular stoner games that you like playing? Write in comments below!

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