Weed Memes: Why Do We Love Them?

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Nowadays, you can find many weed memes on the internet. But what’s all the fuzz about it? Why do people re-post them so often and why do they consequently get viral so easy? And most importantly, why do (especially) marijuana enthusiasts love to see and read them?

Let us take a look at weed meme below. It clearly shows that in the USA some states have legalized the use of cannabis. And that’s true. From the year 2018, there are a total of 9 states in the USA in which the use of cannabis is legal for medicinal use and in some even for recreational. But what about the rest of the 41 states? And here we come to the second message of this weed meme. It also displays how marijuana enthusiasts in states where legalization isn’t occurring are feeling and the struggle they are facing. And it does that in a funny way.

Weed meme how it feels watching other states legalize weed








There Are Two Main Reasons Why We Love Them

The example above clearly shows both reasons why we love them so much. Weed memes can be purely informational, silly, even stupid and anything in between. They can be about pretty much anything, such as current events (e.g. legalization of cannabis in the states of the USA), about how you’re so high that you don’t even remember who you are, about stoner problems, etc. Furthermore, through weed memes, society can get a message about the weed itself, if it’s good or bad, and about how you will feel after smoking a reffer or taking an edible. You name it… So, here’s the first thing that makes weed memes so appealing – their meaning varies, so you will always find some that are about something that you’re familiar with, something you already have experience with, something you understand or cherish, etc.

Regardless of what’s their main message, they all also have one thing in common – they are presented in a humoristic way. And here’s the second part of the answer to why do people love to see and read them. It’s the humor that makes them so popular. No matter what the topic of the meme is, how dark, disturbing, sad or unpleasant it is, in the end, weed memes always make you laugh. Or at least good ones do.

No wonder everyone loves them.


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