Cannabis and ADHD

Updated: April 22, 2020

For those who come from an area where cannabis is not treated in a positive light, explaining its therapeutic effects to close family or friends can be very complicated. The reality is that research on cannabis and ADD / ADHD (and on interactions between them) is significantly lacking at this point. However, the data and results of past investigations indicate that we need to do more research in this area.

Cannabis users, in the eyes of the broader culture, are not exactly the best role models when it comes to concentration and cognitive ability. When a small group of scientists set out to research cannabis as an alternative treatment for activity and attention-deficit disorder (ADHD), they were skeptical. Patients who swear to improve their concentration with the help of cannabis are day by day - the scientists mentioned wanted to explore the scientific basis of this, contradictory, medical phenomenon.

One major factor in ADD and ADHD is the lack of dopamine in the brain - a chemical nerve transporter that plays an important role in cognitive processes such as memory and attention. Agents such as Ritalin and Adderall stimulate dopamine and, as a result, improve the user's ability to concentrate, but also have a lot of unpleasant side effects (including abstinence problems).

Cannabinoids (compounds found in cannabis) could cure dopamine deficiency in people suffering from ADD / ADHD at the right doses and healthy intake method. Cannabis can already crush the mind of an individual in raw form, and many patients could benefit from a better concentration. Time-consuming and time-consuming tasks would become easier to accomplish and mood swings would be less frequent. Why is this so?

The theory accepted in the ADHD theory relates to the fact that about 70% of brain functions are responsible for regulating the flow of information to the remaining 30%. In fact, the brain is overwhelmed with too much information in too short a time. With ADHD, an individual's brain is overcrowded because they are aware of all the nuances of daily experiences.

Most medical experts agree that anecdotal evidence is not credible enough to recommend patients to use cannabis for ADD / ADHD treatment - Researchers are optimistic about the potential that cannabis represents. With the rise of political blockages and the ensuing amount of research on the subject, we may soon be living in a world where the treatment of problems such as ADD and ADHD is far safer and more effective than ever.

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