Healthy Munchies: Nutritious Snacks When Munchies Kick In

Example of a healthy munchies: oatmeal, yogurt and berries

You just got home from work, exhausted and stressed out. You want to relax, so you smoke a joint to take the stress away and you check High Thoughts social feed for funny content and additional relaxation. Later you want to do some yoga or exercise to keep your body and mind healthy, but you can’t seem to fight the munchies… And you are not the only one!

A Story of Almost Every Stoner

Most stoners have cravings while stoned and the only thing that comes to our mind in that state are tasty chocolate chip cookies, pancakes with maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, delicious pizza with tons of cheese, big fat burger or something similar. In general, anything that is not really healthy (especially in big doses). Junk food and big amounts of sugar can affect our body in a negative way and the risk is even greater if you have weight problems. Nevertheless, you can’t seem to control yourself. After every snacking episode, you feel stuffed and you don’t have a choice but to lie down or take a nap. Even though you know that going to sleep with a bunch of calories you just ate that have nowhere to go is not a good option for your body.

Healthy Munchies Exist as Well!

Firstly, you can try to lower the chances of getting munchies. To do so, you can always eat before getting high since marihuana induces what you already feel. Therefore, if you are full before smoking there are smaller chances that you’ll become hungry while being stoned. If munchies occur even though you ate before, you can still control your cravings and behavior (Be strong!).

But don’t worry, healthy munchies exist as well! Meaning, you can experience your cravings in a healthier way by eating quality snacks when the munchies kick. Snacks that will keep you healthy and active. And at the end of the day, your body will be grateful since all that sugar and low-quality food can drastically reduce the quality of life. Fruits, for example, is a delicious supplement to candy. They can satisfy your cravings but provide you with the important vitamins as well. If you’re not a fan of fresh or dried fruits, you can always try delicious nuts, such as hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc. They are very nutritive, healthy and actually feed the brain as well as the body. Other healthy snacks are also yogurt, hummus, and oatmeal.

For a change try some healthy munchies, which will stop your cravings in a healthy way. On top of that, doing yoga or some exercises after it will no longer be a problem. In the beginning, you may force yourself to do so. But because you will feel better after eating them, you will get used to reaching out for nutritious snacks instead of junk food and candy in no time!


This blog was contributed by High Thoughts official brand ambassador Maja.

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