How to prepare the best plot for planting cannabis?

Cannabis trees must be planted properly to ensure good plant growth, leading to rich crops and big yields. The process described below applies primarily cannabis but the principles of planting remain the same for other species too.

For planting, we need quality seedlings, organic fertilizer, suitable tools (good shovel will do just fine). And you are set. If you want to go that extra mile you can hang a net around your plants to keep her little bit more safe with a vulture-net.

  1. Dig a planting pit about half a meter deep and slightly wider in diameter. In the case of poor soil make a wider excavation.
  2. If the seedlings are exhausted, they should be irrigated for at least half an hour before planting. They are soaked in a mixture of water, loam and weathered manure (each should be a third).
  3. The bottom of the excavation with a shovel is loosened, then the hole turned upside down from the excavation is cut into the pit. Organic fertilizer is then added, and then a layer of soil is applied and the whole is well withered.
  4. There should be a distance of 10 cm between the seedling and the stake. In case you wish to add extra support to your plant, but it works for nothing as the plants grow stronger the more stress she must endure.
  5. carefully take your plant out of the pot and place it in the middle of your hole.
  6. The silted soil at the perimeter of the excavation is strongly enclosed to settle. Fill the immersed ring with fertilizer; this time we add it less than the bottom.
  7. The cave is still not full, so at this stage, we pour it abundantly and wait for it to drink.
  8. If the soil is very dry, water the pit for the first time before planting. Abundant watering is more beneficial than trampling the earth, and in both ways, we squeeze excess air out of the pit to establish close contact with the roots.
  9. Before the end, we bring the pit to the top of the earth, or rather a little more, because the soil with seedlings eventually settles. Let’s see that later ingrown seedlings will have a grafted site 5-8 cm above the ground. We attach the seedling to the stake on its shady side, and the embroidery on the seedling should be more than sitting on the seedling. Cut the top of the seedlings by up to a quarter to one third; a new top and a new floor of (branch) branches will be blown away at this point.

Common planting errors:

  • we fertilize too much,
  • put the fertilizer in contact with the roots,
  • we choose too short and too thick a stake,
  • we attach the seedling too tightly,
  • too little watering,
  • we root too rudely.

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