How to take care of cannabis seedlings?

How to take care of cannabis seedlings?

I took some seeds, threw it in the pot with some soil and waited for a couple of days. And there they were… my cannabis seedlings. They were beautiful but soon bad things started to happen. Some of my cannabis babies started to dry out and some stretched about 10 cm high. Ones that stretched leaned toward the ground a bit. I did not know what was happening to my cannabis seedlings. I was confused and frustrated.

I said to myself I need to calm down and go through this with logic. First, identify what could I be doing wrong and then look for solutions. I identified 4 possible reasons for my unhealthy seedlings: watering, light, support or fertilizing.

So let’s think this through. If the seedlings dry up and since the soil was dry too I was not watering them well enough. But I will have to watch out that I don’t water them too much either.

Light and support. This could be the reason the plants stretched a little bit more than usual. I gave them a little bit of support and watched them grow into beautiful and healthy plants.

As far the fertilizing the seedling goes I would not recommend it as it burns your seedling having an opposite effect opposed to being strong and big. I would recommend fertilizing plants after we have strong little plants in the pot and when we are taking them outside then we can fertilize them with no fear of them going bad.

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