Top Destination for Hash Lovers

Houses in Morroco, destination for hash lovers

If you’ve already visited the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen, you were probably astonished to see such a remote mountain city buzzing with visitors. But what makes Morocco so popular? Especially for hash lovers? High Thoughts team investigated just that.

Everything Continues Off The Books

If you came to Morocco looking for your very own specific buzz, walking around Mohamed Aabbout’s bistro would be appropriate. Aabbout would demonstrate you a vast hash pellet and welcome you on a “field visit” to close-by cannabis ranches. There are also many district’s cannabis homesteads that offer superb hash.

Despite that, neighborhood occupants need to continue everything off the books. Since Moroccan law bans the deal and utilization of the medication.


Starting at 2013, developing and offering cannabis gave a living to 90,000 households. In addition, smoking kif is a long social convention and specialists generally endure it. For that reason, authority control, an arrangement of rewards and payouts, keeps the cops far from the kif ranchers. And in truth, the nation has been a goal for weed-searchers for quite a long time.

The Cannabis Culture in Morocco

Back in the 1960s, flower child explorers made Morocco a mainstream goal for climbing and getting high on shabby, amazing hash. Through the ’80s and ’90s, tourism strongly declined. Since travel manuals warned careful voyagers of the areas assumed as “wilderness.” Today, tables have turned. The rebellion, which is more similar to the law turning a visually impaired eye, is the thing that makes the economy conceivable.

The cannabis culture in Morocco is prospering so much that a few vacationers from Europe are arranging hash “celebrations” on Facebook (High Thoughts will be one of them as well!). What is more, the parallels between cannabis tourism in the United States and in Morocco are striking. The two spots offer guests attractions, such as full office visits, guided visits, item samplings and deals on neighborhood item.

It’s all informal obviously. Most visits are driven by little time merchants and helpers from the farms themselves. You won’t locate any official, authorized visits here. Be that as it may, for a large number of the guests who’ve flown out to the area to test the nearby delights, one couldn’t request more.

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