Fight Against Depression With Cannabis

Updated: January 6, 2019

No doubt you've already heard that cannabis treats many different pains. Among others, it is also quite effective when it comes to treating depression. But here as well, it's important to choose strain wisely since each has different effects. Therefore, High Thoughts team gathered 5 strains for depression.

1. Laughing Budha

No wonder Laughing Budha is first on our list of strains for depression. The name clearly suggests, that utilizing this strain will put you in a pleasant mood. It's even considered to be one of the most uplifting strains.

2. Jack Herer

Also, Jack Herer, a sativa-dominant strain, is known for treating or at least reducing the effects of depression. In general, it's a strain that promotes well-being and positivity. Mostly because it contains a high amount of limonene.

3.  OG Kush

Next on the list of strains for depression is OG Kush, a high-THC strain that contains as well high levels of myrcene, BCP, limonene, and linalool. The last two are known for mood-boosting effects and myrcene for being hypnotic and sedative.  Therefore, many people that fight with depression find this strain uplifting and utilize it to find joy in everyday activities.

4. Northern Lights

Let's not forget about the Northern Lights, very popular strain in general. It has psychoactive effects that can be felt throughout the body. It relaxes muscles, while it relaxes the mind as well and puts you in a feeling of dreamy euphoria.

5. Jillybean

Last but not least. Jillybean is known as a happy hybrid, so no surprise, many people utilize it to treat symptoms of depression. Also, it's perfect for daily use since it will calm your mind and leave it at a peaceful state, but you'll still be able to get stuff done.


Which strains to fight against depression do you prefer? Share your experience in the comments below!

Also, check which strains to utilize if you're suffering from any other type of paininsomnia or nausea.

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