Stoners Jobs: The Best Careers for Everyday Smokers

Working area of a writer, one of the stoner jobs

What job is the best one for a stoner? That’s probably something that stoners all around the world are wondering. It’s true, that you can do any job, although you like to light it up. Nevertheless, not every profession seems to be ideal for the everyday smoker. Therefore, we gathered some stoner jobs that all fit into the lifestyle of a stoner in a unique way.

1. Self-employed

Being self-employed is already, in general, the best but if you’re a stoner, you might like it even more. You have the power to set yourself flexible working hours. Ergo, you get to smoke whenever and wherever you desire. Also, being medicated might help you develop new business ideas that otherwise wouldn’t come to your mind.

2. Writer, photographer or visual designer

We can easily see why these three professions are perfect for a stoner. Most of the time you are alone and can toke without anyone making a fuss about it. On top of that, you may even be more creative after lighting one up which is definitely something that every writer, photographer or visual designer need and will be grateful for.

3. Entertainment industry

Stoners are also suitable for working in the entertainment industry. It’s an industry with many different jobs, so you will easily find one right for you. For example, you can always become a part of High Thoughts team and help entertain other stoners.

4. Chef

You know how you always prepare food better when you’re high? That’s because THC increases your flavor and smell sensitivity, also you feel more creative and sometimes even “daredevil”, so you try new things and experiment with flavors. Ergo, stoner employed as a chef seems very suitable.

5. Vending machine refill supplier

Next job on the list of best stoner jobs is a supplier for vending machines. It’s another job, where you’re most of the time alone, so there’s no one to snitch on you. On top of that, when the munchies hit, you can just grab a candy bar off the back of the truck. This job gets even better if you’re a supplier for marijuana vending machine!

6. Web developer

Another career perfect for a stoner is a web developer. Firstly, because work is not physically exhausting. And secondly, as a web developer, you encounter obstacles on regular basis and quite often, smoking a joint can help to see the problem from a different perspective. On the plus side, being stoned while programming helps you zone out the rest of the world and background noises. Therefore, you are faster at finding solutions.

7. Dog Walker

If you’re a stoner and you like pets, being a dog walker is perfect for you! It’s another profession where you don’t have to be in contact with people. Therefore, no one will give you a bad look if you light one while working. Also, petting a dog after smoking one seems to be way more satisfying.

8. Gardener

Lastly on the list of best stoner jobs is a gardener. The biggest upside (if you’re a nature lover) is that you get to be in nature all the time. Also, as a gardener, you get to know the basics of botany, which makes you a better potential weed grower.


Hopefully, you found at least one of the stoner jobs appealing and right for you. If you have any other prepositions what jobs would be perfect for stoners, leave a comment below.

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