How Long Does THC Stay In Your Urine?

Updated: December 5, 2021

A urine test is most oftenly used method to check if someone is utilizing marijuana. This is mostly because it's usually the cheapest way. Additionally, marijuana can be detected in urine for a longer period of time than in saliva. So the question arises: "How long does THC stay in your urine?"

A conventional way of thinking recommends that weed remains in your body for a month (+/- couple of days). However, the appropriate response isn't generally that high contrast. When it comes to urine tests, metabolism, weight, body fat, the measure of weed utilized, and how regularly you utilize weed all factor into to what extent the THC will stay in your pee.

How Long Does THC Stay In Your Urine Depends Mostly On How Often Do You Smoke Weed

Here's a general guide of how long does THC stay in your urine:

  • Social smoker (you smoke once a month): up to 8 days
  • Consistent smoker (4-6 times per month): up to 15 days
  • Frequent smoker (10 – 15 times per month): up to 30 days
  • Everyday smoker (20+ times per month): up to 45-77 days


Meaning, heavy users will likely fail drug test even if they stop smoking a month or so before the drug test. This shows that the amount of cannabis that someone smokes is the most important factor determining how long will THC stay in your urine.

But like already mentioned, there are also other factors. For example, also body fats play an essential role. The more body fat you have, longer it'll take for THC to leave your body. Also, a quick metabolism contributes to how long does THC stay in your system. The quicker your digestion, the quicker THC metabolites diminish. Also, everyday factors like exercise, food intake, lifestyle in general, stress, etc. play a role. But it's hard to say to what degree since little research has been done so far concerning this matter.

Is There A Chance To Fool The Test?

You've probably already heard about a way or two how to fool the urine test. Some suggest that you can clean your system by drinking plenty of water. Consequently, you urinate more frequently and "wash your system out." This lowers the percentage of THC found, but it doesn't remove it completely. Others add something to the urine, such as bleach, salt or detergent. However, those can be easily traced in the lab. Furthermore, many people use detox drinks or pills to remove THC from their system.

Nevertheless, all those (and many more) methods are urban legends and won't remove THC from your body completely. Especially, if you're a frequent or everyday smoker. However, the less you smoke, the higher are the chances that you'll successfully fool the urine test. But in most cases, it at most reduces the percentage of found THC.

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