Raw hemp balls with almonds

Cannabis Recipe Hemp Almond Balls

Everybody likes good food after toking one or two in the afternoon after work. That is called the munchies. And for munchies, we know we love to eat well. So the first thing we do, is we go to the fridge and turn everything around. OK. Nothing there. What now? If we smoked Sativa, then we are all in for some baking. Am I right?

Because we at High Thoughts are all frequent smokers and we love to smoke energetic strains we got some mileage with the baking after getting high. And I don’t know if it only me I get also creative with it. So I am going to share one bombastic recipe with you all. Write in the comments what is your favorite munchie food and if you got any recipes, then it is sooo much better!


1 cup almonds
¼ cups of fresh cocoa powder
1/8 cup coconut sugar
¼ cups of yacon syrup
2 tablespoons of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
1 teaspoon of vanilla powder
a pinch of crystalline Himalayan salt
hulled hemp seeds


In the blender, first, grind the almonds. Then add the cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and Himalayan salt, and grind again. Add yacon syrup, coconut oil, and vanilla powder and repeat the process to get a sticky texture. We take the mass with our hands and make the balls. When done, we roll them in the husked seeds. Put in the refrigerator to set.

Bon appetit!

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