Top 20 medical cannabis strains (and its benefits)

Updated: February 6, 2020

Medical cannabis has great therapeutic potential that we have not yet harnessed, so Europe will be the next cannabis legally on the path to legalizing cannabis, experts say. But the question remains what arrangement would be best for the old continent. Europe is slowly but steadily and in part opening up to the legalization of medical cannabis use. At the recent International Business Conference on Cannabis (ICBC) in Berlin, the first of its kind in the old continent, a number of international participants from doctors, businessmen, innovators, breeders, and connoisseurs discussed what developments, health, and business opportunities Europeans could expect.

There is a lot of cannabis strains developed in the last few years due its legalization popularity all across the world. But in this article, we are mentioning some of the most popular (old school) strains and Its medical benefits of course. So you will exactly knew what to get, when you are next time in the dispensary shop. Do you have any favorite strain you have been using and is serving you properly?

AK 47 - Nausea, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Headache
Alien Train Wreck - Asthma
Apollo 13 - Back pain
Aurora Indica - nausea, arthritis, joint pain
Big Bang - drowsiness, sleep disorders
Big Kahuna - Arthritis, pelvic pain
Blue Moon Rocks - Borocity, Depression, Sleep Disorders
Blue Satellite - Tense muscle pain, sleep disorders
Blueberry - nausea, sleep disorders, pain
Cindarella 99 - Weakness
Deep Chunk - joint pain, insomnia
G-13 - depression, pain, attention deficit disorder
Green Spirit - insomnia, headache
Herijuana x Trainwreck - Diabetes Neuropathy
Bubblegum - Migraine
Jack Herer - Dementia, soft tissue rheumatism
Kali Mist - weakness, depression
Killer Queen - Depression, back pain
Lemon Haze - nocturnal movement disorders, chronic exhaustion
Master kush - a weakness
Motarebel Iguana Kush - Neuralgia, back pain, cramps
New York Diesel - Migraine
Northern Lights 1 - Arthritis
Northern Lights 2 - insomnia, weakness
Sensi Star - Migraine
Super Silver Haze - weakness, depression
Sweet Blu - Bone diseases, back pain, soft tissue rheumatism
Trainwreck - fear, diabetes neuropathy, arthritis
Trainwreck x Herijuana - weakness
White Rhino - back pain, joint pain, insomnia
White Widow - Hepatitis C, Weakness, Post-Traumatic Stress

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