Tips on How to Recharge Your Batteries

Updated: September 5, 2018

Let us say you have a day off and you need to recharge your batteries, you want to let the experiences of your work days sink it and you wish to let go of all the frustration and stress... No ideas on how to do that?

If you consider yourself being at the higher state of mind and it happens to be a rainy day, you might enjoy it like never before. Some cultures even believe that rain washes off all the negative, so a person can have a fresh start. Quite beautiful perspective when you think about it.

On the other hand, if you are not into that philosophical, mindfulness mindset, you can just appreciate the day with the activities that you usually don't have time for. For example, if you’re a bookworm, you can just lay down in your comfortable bed with a good book that you can't stop reading and prepare yourself a hot cup of delicious tea, cocoa or whatever you prefer. Also, put on a soothing instrumental chill mix, or something that relaxes you and immediately you will create yourself a nice cozy vibe.

Smoke One to Heighten The Experience

To make the experience even more relaxing, to heighten the taste, the smell, and of course the sharp focus, smoke a nice tasty joint before. This will enable you not only to read the book with sharp focus, but to see the characters in front of you or to even become a character.

Indica or Sativa, that is the main question. Well, it's always a good decision to smoke Indica if you plan on recharging your batteries by taking a nap. Find out which strains you should smoke before taking a nap. Naps, by the way, work therapeutically and refreshing, they keep you relaxed and healthy.

High thought saying: A bed is like a charger for people








That’s because while sleeping, your brain goes into a calmer state, like a standby without the worrying and anxiety part. But choose Sativa if you want to appreciate the day while being awake and recharge your batteries by doing the things you love, such as drinking a nice cup of tea, reading a book or listening to your favorite music.


Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind, that having a day for yourself is always a good idea. Especially if you’re often under stress and you work a lot. Take a day off, don’t regret it, show yourself some love and do the things you enjoy doing.


This blog was contributed by High Thoughts official brand ambassador Maja.

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