How to make cannabis chocolate

Updated: May 16, 2019

Making cannabis chocolate is really one of the simplest and fastest ways how to make edibles. So if you're in a rush and would like to make edibles in a matter of an hour or you just like chocolate and would like to combine it with your second favorite thing - cannabis, this is definitely something for you!

Without further ado, find out how to make cannabis chocolate.


  • Cannabis
  • Dark chocolate (70%+ cocoa)


How much weed you'll need depends firstly on how much cannabis chocolate do you plan on making and secondly on how potent do you wish it to be. For example, to make normally potent cannabis chocolate use 4 g of cannabis and 100 g of dark chocolate.

Process of Making Cannabis Chocolate


Decarboxylation is a must-do step in making any sort of edibles and you shouldn't leave it out in any case. Namely, in this process, THCA converts to THC and CBDA to CBD.

So, to decarboxylate cannabis, finely grind buds and evenly place them on parchment paper that you placed on a baking sheet. Put it in the preheated oven and bake for 30-40 minutes on 240°F (115°C). Shake baking sheet every 10 minutes to ensure that your weed bakes evenly. The process is completed when cannabis is dried out and has a brownish color.

Preparing Chocolate

If you already know what a double-boiler method is, just melt the chocolate using it and skip to the next step. If you don't know, continue reading this step further.

Find two bowls, one small enough so it fits into the top of another one. This will create this so-called double-boiler. Pour water into the bigger one and break chocolate to pieces into the smaller one. Put a smaller bowl on the bigger, place it all on the stove and set the heat to medium. When water will warm up, chocolate will begin to melt. Frequently stir chocolate and when it completely melts, remove it from the heat.

Mix Together And Cool it Down

Add finely grind cannabis you decarboxylated earlier to the melted chocolate. Mix well, making sure cannabis is distributed evenly. At this step, you can also experiment and add different ingredients such as raisins, nuts, popping candy, etc. to make your chocolate even better. Now pour the mixture into chocolate molds or ice tray.

After filling up the mold, you'll probably notice some air bubbles. To remove them just drop the filled molds onto hard surface couple of times.


Voila, you made your first cannabis chocolate! 🍫

Now comes the hardest part - waiting for the freshly made cannabis chocolate to cool down. It should cool down in approximately 20 minutes, however, the longer you wait, the better. When it cools down, remove it from the molds and it's time to enjoy.


Read more quick recipes making edibles.

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