420 Date for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam museum square, perfect stop on your 420 date in Amsterdam

Since Valentine’s day is coming soon, I bet couples all around the world wonder what they are going to do for that special day. Even more, where can a stoner couple go on 420 date? Especially, if you two are in Amsterdam – stoners capital? Doesn’t matter if you’re a couple here on a vacation or you’re a couple already living here but ran out of 420 date ideas, here’s a suggestion of what a stoner couple can do for Valentine’s day.

Arrange Transport Before Going on The 420 Date

First, you’ll need to understand you’re in Amsterdam and that going somewhere with the car is far more travail than using public transport, cycling or even walking. Pick the one that suits you the most. Although, to get the true “Amsterdam feeling”, I would recommend renting a bike. And don’t worry, you can do that practically everywhere (shops to rent a bike are on almost every corner). You can skip that step if you live in Amsterdam since I’m positive you’re already an expert in this area.

Sightseeing: An Essential Part When You Are in Amsterdam

Ok, so you will take care of a transport. What then? Amsterdam is a very artistic and cultural city, so doing some sightseeing seems appropriate. After all, there are so many things you can do and see here. Therefore, you’ll most certainly find something that suits you and your partner. First, you must see Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, since you two are both stoners. Later, you can’t miss anything by going the Museumplein (“Square of Museums”) where lays famous Amsterdam sign, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.

When you’ll be there don’t forget to go (or ride – it’s even better) through Rijksmuseum. Basically, there’s a big arch/tunnel with side walls made from glass so you can get a glimpse of how museum looks from inside. But what gives it an extra charm is the acoustic of the space and there’s almost always musicians playing some tunes, so you can really feel and hear what I’m describing you. It’s an amazing experience.

Take A Break

After that, take a break and chill for a moment. Roll yourselves one and smoke it. I would recommend going to the Vondelpark since it’s very beautiful and in a walking distance, but smoking one at the exact location where you did your last sightseeing is an option too. After all, you’re in the city where weed is legalized, and people have in generally accepted it, so you won’t get weird looks if you light one up.

After you’ll smoke one, I bet you’ll be super stoned and some high thoughts will pop-up in your head. Don’t forget to write them down on our website or our Facebook group

Fill Yourselves With Energy: Have Lunch And Try Macarons

By this point, you two should be culturally enriched and relaxed since you’ll smoke one, but you’ll be probably hungry as well. You have restaurants literally everywhere and can find anything from Mexican, Indian, Italian restaurants, fast foods, etc. Meaning, finding a place to dine won’t be hard. But if you’re into some spare ribs, I’ll advise small grill house just a couple of blocks away from Van Gogh museum called Nadèr Grill. It’s run by an Egyptian dude who’s very welcoming and friendly. And the ribs? Yummy! Truly the best spare ribs ever!

After eating a proper lunch, it seems appropriate to eat some candy! And not just any candy – macarons. Go to local sweet shop nearby and buy some macarons. I can’t recommend which flavor since they’re all breath-taking and they just melt in your mouth. Only thing I can advise is that you take as many as you can. Because before you’ll know it – you’ll eat them all (yeah, they’re that good!).

Essential Part: Visit Coffeeshop

Finally, it will be time for a true stoner-oriented part of the date – visiting coffeeshops! They’re all great and in the end, they all sell weed, but I would recommend visiting Coffeeshop Happy Feelings. Happy feelings indeed! It’s a small coffeeshop but has a nice chilling/smoking area. Everyone there looks so happy (I wonder why), the staff is very friendly and it has a nice relaxed atmosphere. Perfect environment for two stoners on a 420 date. And what is more – each table has a bong, so you can break your routine when it comes to smoking and hit that bong (or of course roll yourselves one if you two are more used to bongs than joints).


After you’ll visit coffeeshop (or coffeeshops) and smoke one (or two) you can go on a walk through the city center and admire architecture and canals. Just be careful you won’t lose yourselves – every street in the center look very alike. Or you can just go home if you’ll feel tired and/or you’ll want to cuddle and recapitulate the wonderful date you’ll have. No matter how you two will decide to end your 420 date, I’m positive you’ll both be happy stoners at the end of the day, that had a delightful and captivating date which will strengthen your love and relationship in general.

Wish you many awesome 420 dates in the future!

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