Stoner Accessories: What Does Every Stoner Need

Updated: June 30, 2018

No matter if you've just started smoking or you're already a pro at it, it's crucial that you're prepared and have stoner accessories at every time. Nobody wants to be unready for a bursting trip, regardless of whether you're at home, at a companion’s house or in a hurry.

Here's the rundown of Stoner Accessories:

Stoner Accessories for Beginners

1. Marijuana

This might not surprise you, however sometimes we get so worried about pressing the various fundamentals, we overlook the most necessary of them all. Make a point to have some amazing cannabis accessible to upgrade the simple living.

2. Scale

Ever think about what amount your merchant is scamming you? Stop pondering and purchase a weed scale. Presently you can discover for beyond any doubt how much cash your merchant owes you.

Good luck on recovering that!

3. Sealed Shut Container

Some attempt many things, however, nothing keeps the skunk out more than a professionally made water/air proof compartment. These are absolute stoner accessories for any level of a smoker. At least if you want to keep your weed fresh.

4. Grinder

An undeniable need, grinders are the ideal approach to dice up your weed without getting your foul, vile hands on top of it. Nothing works better to granulate your item into an even steadiness for your joints, bowls, and bongs. And no - your "progressed" scissor procedure doesn't do the trick.

5. Joint Filter Tips

There's nothing more awful than rolling the ideal joint and finding that you overlooked the channel. Glass channel tips are the ideal approach to shield your joint from fixing over and transforming into a weed mummy.

6. Joint Roller

This stoner accessory is appreciated especially by beginners and the ones that aren't honored by the God with the ideal moving method. But regardless of whether you are a specialist at rolling or not, utilizing one of these ensures that each one turns out great.

7. Papers

Doobie, otherwise called a joint, J, or doob, is rolled with moving papers. While you can buy pretty much any rolling papers, they may wind up being to a greater extent an issue than anything else. Rather than wasting money on rolling papers that suck, put your resources into good ones (try out our High Thoughts' rolling papers).

8. Lighter

Lighters appear to vanish between each pass, so be sure you have a couple of extras in the backpack. Since I can't name anything more terrible than going to an epic smoking area, just to find there's no lighter.

9. High Thoughts' Stoner T-Shirt

As a true stoner, you must also have an appropriate wardrobe - it's a stoner essential to have at least one High Thoughts' T-shirt.


Additional Stoner Accessories for Pros

10. Dab Tool

For all the dabbers out there, this is urgent stoner accessory. Getting a genuine spot scooper keeps you from destroying more pens and pencils you've been using to scoop out your oil.

11. Blowtorch

Another stoner accessory for the dabbers. Since lighters don't consume sufficiently hot for concentrates, you need to invest in a blowtorch. Maybe you'll resemble a crazy meth addict, but who cares.

12. Bong

When it comes to bong pieces, every stoner needs one. They come big, small, short and tall. Hell, it doesn't even matter which one you get, since everyone will get you super baked.

13. Pipe Cleaner

Bowls and bongs get messy after some time. So, from time to time, you need to get all the grime off from your piece and pipe cleaner is the main thing that will take care of business.

14. Sunglasses

Summer isn't the main time stoners use sunglasses. Instead, the majority uses them throughout the entire year with an attempt to discretely hide ragged looking eyes. Putting resources into a quality match of shades is a classy method to remain under the radar.

15. Eye Drops

Much the same as the shades, eye drops are another stoner accessory, not selective to summer. No matter the time of the year, it's smart to keep this stoner accessory around in order to remain under the radar.


Make sure you always have these stoner accessories and you'll be prepared for any circumstance you may end up during the day.

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