Ultimate Tips on Where to Hide Weed While Traveling

Updated: May 2, 2019

Are you a stoner and you're planning on going on a trip? Regardless of your destination, you would probably like to take your stash with you but don’t know where to hide it. Therefore, we present to you 4 ultimate tips on where to hide weed while traveling that will always work.
If you're traveling with an airplane read more about flying with marijuana first.

1. Tea Bags

A good hiding place is in tea bags; however, this solution is applicable only for patient people since it requires quite a lot of unpleasant work.
Buy prepacked herbal tea and carefully empty some tea bags out, making sure that tea bags remain undamaged. Grind buds and fill the empty tea bags with it. Try to fill them to the same amount as the actual tea so that there won’t be any big visual difference while comparing them. Use liquid glue to seal them, place them next to the original tea bags filled with tea and you’re ready to go.

2. Cigarettes

You can also always hide weed in cigarettes. This again can be quite an annoying procedure and it’s more applicable for patient individuals.
Just empty the tobacco out of the tube and refill it with weed. For extra security, fill the top centimeter with tobacco only. This way, if a policeman by any chance decides to take a closer look at your cigarettes, it will look like an actual cigarette.

3. Pringles can

A good place to hide your weed while traveling is in a Pringles can. You can buy premade fake cans in headshops or other similar shops; however, they can be quite expensive. So, we recommend you make your own at home.
Just take normal Pringles can and turn it upside down. Use can opener and open the bottom with it. Find a glass jar with a metal sealer that will fit the can perfectly and empty Pringles out to the height of the glass jar. Take thick cardboard, cut out a circle in the same radius as Pringles can and put it into the can. This will serve as an obstacle between Pringles and glass jar. Now put your stash into the glass jar, place jar into the bottom of Pringles can and voila.

4. Solid deodorant

Another safe way where to hide weed is in solid deodorant. Just pull the deodorant out, place your stash at the bottom of an empty tube and put the deodorant stick back. A good thing about this is also that the deodorant will cover up the scent of weed.

Extra tip: Some hiding places allow you to take more weed with you than others. In the latter two options, you can pack more with you if you grind buds first. This way you can double or even triple the amount of weed.

Would you recommend any other good hiding place? Leave a comment below! 👇

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