New Year, New Stoner’s Resolutions

Once again, we’re saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming a new one. And like any other year, individuals all around the globe, make a list of things they’re determined to do or stop doing in the new year (if we stick to the list it or not it’s another story). So, it’s time we make that list as well.

Check out High Thoughts 2019 resolutions:

1. Educate People About Cannabis

This is something we’re already doing, but in the new year, we’re going to kick it up a notch. We’ll put in extra effort to educate people about the cannabis, ways it can be consumed, and most importantly, its benefits.

2. Eat Healthier Munchies

After every smoking session (or in between), munchies kick in. And what most of the people do at that point, is start filling themselves with junk food, sweets, and candies. Well, at High Thoughts Headquarters, we’re determined that in the new year we’ll eat healthier munchies.

3. Cook With Cannabis

We did a lot of cooking with cannabis in the year 2018. We made hemp cookies, brownies and of course, cannabutter. But because you can never cook too much with cannabis, this resolution remains on our New Year’s resolution list. We’re going to try new things and improve already known recipes.

4. Travel And Attend 420 Events

In the year 2019, we’re going to travel to stoners destinations, such as Amsterdam, Morroco, etc. and meet stoners all around the world. We’re also going to attend as many 420 events as possible. And on 4/20 in April, we’re going to celebrate like never before.

5. Follow The Process of Legalization

In the year 2018 numerous countries (and states) legalized marijuana in either medical or recreational use. Therefore, at High Thoughts Headquarters, we’ve decided to keep an eye on the legalization process in the year 2019.


Share your New Year’s resolutions with us! 

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